A Webquest is a pre-determined assignment where the students are responsible to watch or view a number of resources and complete a list of questions or activities on them.  This is to be completed outside of the classroom. I am not yet convinced that Webquests would  be effective for all my classes but I could definitely use them in both my Science and Math Courses.

I have circumstances where students do not have internet access when they leave school.  However I can  ensure the library or a Computer lab is accessible for these students.  I also have some students that are not too experienced with Computers so I would probably wait until Level 2 Apprenticeship Trades to introduce this type of assignment.  The students complete Computer related training in Level 1.

Using webquests for my regular College classes especially for Science Theories could be implemented easily.  Most of these students have smartphones and they have a Learn site that I could use.  Using one for Math may be a bit more challenging however I am aware that Khan Academy has some great Math videos.

One Webquest topic I found that would work for me is the Gas Law’s.  I found three Webquest’s easily for reference.  Webquest 1, 2, 3.  I’m sure almost all of my Science laws could easily be found already created.  I often use short videos to explain topics so I have multiple resources already.  Many PowerPoints on theories are also readily available.  If I were to create a webquest on Gas Laws I could use the following videos Boyle’s Law and Charles’ Law as well as Ideal Gas Law.

I really like the idea of having more time in class to discuss different theories with the students with them already viewing some information ahead of time.  I believe a large amount could be discussed/learned especially for Science topics with the students talking about the videos and work they complete.  This method would allow more time in class to practice calculations and apply the theories.


One thought on “Webquests

  1. That sounds fantastic, what a way to make complex material fun. I know personally, I will likely try and use something similar for my environmental management course. Using more videos and pre-readngs will hopefully increase the student learning and comprehension of a fairly complex topic (an ISO Standard for Environmental Systems).


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