Reflection on my Documented Learning Journey

When learning something new the first thing I do, just like my students, is “Google it”.  Anything can be posted on the internet so I am cautious of which websites I view.  I realized quickly that I want to know the specifics, the facts.  I often spend twice as long completing activities trying to ensure they are as perfect as possible.  I am a borderline perfectionist.  Pacing out measurements wasn’t “accurate” enough for me, I had to physically measure it.  I teach Math and Science so having facts hasn’t been an issue. I guess that’s why I enjoy this job.

I remember things more when I do them.  I try to give students time in class to complete activities because I know from being an adult learner that life is busy at home.

I get distracted or side tracked when researching.  I often clicked on links or continued to read topics that were completely unrelated.  I spent more time discussing recipes than vegetable storage.   I don’t think this is a bad thing.  This is how my learning journey will never come to an end, Right?.  I have two more projects on my to do list.  This project made me realize that it is ok if we spend some time in class talking “off-topic”.  We often learn something else by doing this (like my recipes).

I prefer to have reasons “why”.  I try to give reasons “why” students should know each skill.   I also want to be prepared for when someone asks it.  I even have reasons why Plumbers should know trigonometry.

I have made a promise to myself to not be “irritated” when questions are asked over and over…this doesn’t mean they didn’t hear it, perhaps they just want to be sure.  I must have read the assignment page 10 times to make sure I was getting it as correct as I can.

So here I go back to being the Instructor (but always learning) less annoyed by repetitive questions and more compassionate for the real life stuff that gets in the way of homework (trying to not dwell on the fact that this is more than 300 words).


One thought on “Reflection on my Documented Learning Journey

  1. I agree Faye – It’s fun to research your topic, but you need the motivation to pursue that subject. Storing Vegetables isn’t as fun if you don’t have some good recipes to go with them!


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